Ajay Macherla

Resilient * Compassionate * Ambitious * Industrious


16 year-old author, guitarist, volunteer, robot designer, Philadelphia eagles die-hard,

Harry potter fan and creative lego builder

My name is Ajay Macherla. I’m a high school senior at Downingtown STEM Academy passionate  about volunteerism, writing and medicine/robotics. No matter what I do, I have two goals in life –– to improve myself and to bring out the best in others. Scroll through to learn more about me!

My mission statement:

“To become the best version of myself, and to empower others to do the same”

My definition of success:

“Success is measured not by your achievements and accolades, but rather by the successes of those whom you impact and empower.”

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What I do and passionate about

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Community Service

I have been engaged in community service/volunteerism which enabled me to  acquire life skills and knowledge, as well as provide a service to those who need it most 

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I have been writing blogs since middle school, my self-help book, and literature reviews/research papers in high school

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I have been enjoying my time in VEX Robotics and channeling my creative spirit toward building robots, Minecraft, Legos  since my 4th grade. I have a goal of advancing/innovating neurosurgical robotics